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What is Novated Leasing?

Novated Leasing is a relatively simple form of car finance.

A tax-effective form of car finance for employees. See how you can benefit from a novated lease.
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Novated Leasing for Employees

It can often sound a bit complicated, but in reality, Novated Leasing is a relatively simple form of car finance.

For employees, it is an arrangement between you and your employer where your employer pays for your monthly vehicle lease and running costs through a combination of pre-tax income tax and post-income tax salary deductions.

Novated Leasing enables you to save on tax, costs and time. The tax benefits come in the form of reduced income tax, no FBT payable, and savings on the GST for purchase and running costs of the vehicle. Cost savings come in the form of purchasing advice, fleet pricing, access to corporate programs (where applicable) and discounts on running costs. And time savings on fuel cards, servicing costs paid by the lease provider, registration and insurance and the complexity of resale.

Step 1. We negotiate the best vehicle price for you through our fleet purchasing power; we can also provide advice on different vehicle options.

Step 2. You don’t pay any GST on the purchase price, fuel or running costs.

Step 3. We package all of the running costs into one salary deduction, including Finance, Fuel, Insurance, Roadside Assistance, Servicing, Repairs, Tyres, Registration, CTP.

Step 4. As much as possible gets deducted from your salary before tax.

Step 5. Your income tax reduces.

Step 6. You save thousands every year.

Step 7. If anything happens, you call us, and we’ll take care of it.

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Achieve cost savings on pre-income tax dollars by novating your private vehicle