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Legal Obligations

Do you know your legal obligations and what the risks are when it comes to your employees using a vehicle for work purposes?

Know your Legal Obligations

A motor vehicle is considered a part of the workplace. Employers have a moral and legal obligation to ensure the safety and well-being of others. Do you?

To find out if you have a legal obligation, take our simple test:
a) Do your volunteers, contractors, or employees occasionally
use their private vehicle for business purposes?
b) Do you provide transport for your clients?
c) Do you provide the occasional use of your fleet vehicles to
volunteers, contractors or employees for business purposes?

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If you answered yes to any one of the questions, it’s almost
certain that you have a legal obligation.

NextFleet are here to help you manage your duty of care
obligation with a simple and concise plan.

Features and Benefits

Know Your Risks!

Grey Fleet – the term grey fleet refers to privately owned vehicles used for business travel. We can help mitigate your risk by implementing a simple and effective plan and, most importantly, provide ongoing compliance management.

✓ A simple yet effective driver induction programme

✓ Policy review and implementation

✓ Grey fleet driver acknowledgement covering key risk areas

General Fleet Policy Review

We will review and support the development of your Fleet Policy to ensure your employees are provided with the right direction and guidance to ensure compliance with appropriate vehicle usage

Training and awareness

Let NextFleet help you to take care of your fleet awareness and training programme.

✓ Grey fleet induction programme

✓ Driver acknowledgement

✓ Pre-start checklist 


Let us help you with any vehicle specialised fit-out and build management requirements you may have. 

✓  Specific maintenance management programme

✓  Compliance inspections

Specialised Fleet Assets – if you have fleet assets that require a specialised build such as wheelchair or entry access; we can support you with our in-house team of experts. We offer a comprehensive service from build specification right through to ongoing compliance.

✓ Specific maintenance management programme

✓ Periodical compliance inspections and service

Non-compliance poses a significant risk to your organisation. It is not only a must-have requirement; it is a moral obligation on your behalf.  If you are stretched for resources, your local team at NextFleet are here to help regardless of your fleet size. Call us today for an obligation-free assessment.

Risk mitigation

✓ Compliance with the legal duty of care obligations 

 Policy administration and management

✓  Review and implement a grey fleet policy

✓ Update your general fleet policy

Consulting services

✓ Our in-house team of fleet experts is always willing and available to help

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